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With more and more of your future being dependent upon your data, databases and all your computers running smoothly what are you doing to protect yourself against data loss and unproductive down time due to slow or non-functional computers and lost data? Scheduled Managed Services is the answer. Here are some of the things to become aware of and that we help you with when you become a scheduled managed services client.

What are the three areas where small and mid-size business many times falls short?:
  • Proper on-site and Off-site backup
  • Proper Security Software on their internet connections, computer servers and workstations
  • Keeping all systems up to date and monitoring for problems before they happen and reacting proactively.
  • Proper documentation and procedures to access quickly during a crisis
The pillars of a stable office technology system are:
  • Up to Date hardware and software, up to date and usable warrantees and support agreements
  • Correct and regular verified backup procedures in place [on-site and off-site]
  • The best anti-virus and security software at the workstations and internet connections that your resources allow for
  • A world class firewall
  • Monitoring for issues before they happen
How should you backup?
  • On-Site and Off-Site copies of data and a complete disaster recovery plan.
Am I Taking Basic measures to ensure my office is not on the receiving end of a malicious internet attack?
  • Do not go to unknown web-sites if avoidable because clicking on one wrong page can download unwanted bad software programs to your computer which will slow it down or crash it, and or give hackers control over your computer. - There are now programs called link scanners which offer the ability to scan a web site before you browse to it.
  • Never open attachments from anyone who you are not expecting one from, one bad attachment can bring down your computer systems, especially for those with inadequate computer security software
  • All workstations should have minimum Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall [ security is a preferred paid solution]
  • Parameter Network Firewall to Protect your entire network [Firewall/Router or Astaro Security Gateway Premium Firewall Device]
A Call to Action and important links:
  • Check your backups
  • Check your workstation and internet connection security
  • Check that all important vendor information and accounts numbers, and server and online passwords are stored in a password protected spreadsheet
  • Create a internet usage policy that the staff can sign
  • Create a centralized documentation spreadsheet
  • Keep up to date with your windows or Mac updates and security software updates
Consider letting a company like The Genesys Consulting Group take care of all this for you!

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