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We specialize in making complicated technology topics understandable and easily implemented in plain simple English, not techno mumbo-jumbo.

We strive to make our clients technology systems as easy to understand and use as possible so you can get the same level out of your computer systems as larger companies who have a full time MIS staff.

We strive to help our clients understand the measures that need to be taken to protect their businesses and their livelihoods as well, now...

Of course we do everything other consultants do to: [Managed Services, Networking, Servers, Security, Scheduled Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Support, etc.]

We've been doing computer technology in small businesses since the early days of "dos" - early 1980's -, and we understand technology is really only cool and good as long as it makes your business easier to run, makes you more money and is setup in a way you can manage yourself.

At The Genesys Consulting Group we will give you the knowledge, tools, advice and support to help your business navigate and succeed in today's challenging business environment. We also concentrate on client education and staff training to make our clients as self-sufficient as possible.

The Genesys Consulting Group... Helping make your business more profitable and secure and always at your service.

Our Company Mission

We specialize in making complicated technology topics understandable and easily implemented in plain simple English, not techno mumbo-jumbo.

Our Team

Christopher C. Welber is a technology expert with 22 years of experience in all areas of computer hardware, software, and security as it relates to small and mid-size businesses. Chris has extensive experience in how to properly and safely implement technology in a variety of small business environments. Chris has worked with all kinds of small and mid- size businesses across a wide array of industries from insurance, professional services and law, to non-profits throughout the New York Metropolitan area and in various locations worldwide.


"The Genesys Consulting Group helped me with maintaining a Windows 2003 Server and an Exchange 2003 server. They also provided support to users on PC issues. Chris and his team has strong technical skills as well as strong communication skills."
Raheem - FutureWEB

"Chris & The Genesys Consulting Group, You do wonderful work."
Jen - EV [An energy Non-Profit]

"Chris & The Genesys Consulting Group has always been there when we needed, and explains complicated computer issues in a simple to understand manner, and is easy to communicate with, the therapeutic effects are great too because The Genesys Consulting Group listens well to our needs."
Margery Quackenbush, NAAP. [Therapy Assocation]

"We count on Chris/The Genesys Consulting Group as a reliable and knowledgeable technical service to solve our IT problems. He has a great personality, communicates well with our team and focuses on making hardware work better together, without causing unnecessary any disruptions."
Joseph & Donna McElroy - Corporate Performance Artists

"Thanks Chris - - I appreciate your being there for us!"
Ted K. [Wall Street Law Firm]

"We have been using Chris Welber/The Genesys Consulting Group as our IT Service Organization for the past four years and he has been outstanding. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about computer networks and yet is able to communicate his expertise to non-techies in an understandable way. Chris is reliable, patient, fair and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly."
Ron Bruno - MRHS [Services for the elderly]

"Our firm has had a great working relationship with The Genesys Consulting Group. We rely on their expertise and recommendations to further our firm along in the world of automation. Most recently, we invested in a document management system and were in a quandary on how this would impact our server. We were looking to outsource data storage or purchase new drives for our current server. The Genesys team reviewed where we were at and made a recommendation to us to invest in another server. This was the more logical and cost effective move we could have made and will result in an efficient stand alone server that will facilitate our needs for years to come. They configured the server and worked diligently along with the document management software firm in getting us on board."
Darren Thomas - Legal Client

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